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.... a place for forest people.
O nás


place,  that will charge you with its energy. The cabin is nestled in the forest nature of the Little Carpathians, in the area Piesok – Zochova Chata, above the historic town of Modra in western Slovakia.


Sometimes it only takes a moment for life to take a new direction. This is exactly, how one could describe the moment, when Biela Chata entered our life. We are people who love nature, we travel to the mountains and the ocean. We teach our children to appreciate every moment they experience, to feel every place they visit. We collect memories and create our own world out of them.


We think that Biela Chata chose us by itself. It all happened by complete accident, while the cabin quietly waited for the opportunity to start to write new history. This beautiful cabin has been standing in its place since 1977, and its original owner was the poet Pavol Koyš.


We humbly took over the "scepter" in 2021 and breathed new life into the Biela Chata . The effort was to create a place that combines all the beautiful things that our travels around the world and memories have given us. A place that will be a balm for the soul, full of new beautiful experiences....


Martina & Martin
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