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tips for ACTIVITIES AROUND THE Biela chata

Lookout tower of
Alexander Filipek on Veľká Homola


If you like good hiking and beautiful views, take a trip to Veľká Homola hill, which rises above the town of Modra.


The lookout tower is built in a modern style and was named after the former forest administrator Aleksandar Filipek, who not only took care of the forests, but also contributed to the development of tourism and tourism.


The lookout tower is really high, the top viewing platform rises to a height of 20.4 meters. 120 steps lead to the top. If you conquer them, you will be offered a vast and beautiful view not only of the surrounding Small Carpathians, but also of the Danube Plain, the White Carpathians, Považský Inovec, Tribeč, Strážovské vrchy, Vtáčnik, Veľká Fatra, Pohronský Inovec, the Eastern Alps in Austria, Pavlovské vrchy and Chřiby in Moravia.


You can rest under the shelter and then set off on your way back, or you can calmly continue exploring the natural beauty towards the rocky formation Traja jazdci, Kamenné vrata, Pezinská Baba or Zámčisko.


The Alexander Filípka lookout can be reached by following the red sign from the bus stop near Zochová chata (approx. 2.5 km), from Modra by the blue sign, and from Pezinok by the red (or later green) tourist sign.


traja jazdci.jpg

If you happen to be near Modra and you feel like exploring the natural beauty there, try to skip the traditional and tourist-crowded localities in the Small Carpathians and explore somewhat secluded but very picturesque corners. One of the more unusual are the rock formations called the Three Horsemen.


These are quartzite boulders, which are characterized by their characteristic gray, sometimes even soft gray-pink color. The bizarre rock formations are well-known especially to climbers, who have several practice climbing routes here.


For ordinary tourists, Traja jádci is a perfect vantage point with the opportunity to rest in the shade of the trees of the surrounding forest. However, the rocks are quite high and steep, so you have to be extremely careful here.


Three riders can be a pleasant stop on a hike to a nearby lookout on Veľká Homoli, from where it is just 5 minutes following the red or green tourist sign. However, they are also accessible by several marked routes from Pezinok (approx. 6 km) or from Modra (approx. 7 km), or even from Zochova Chata (approx. 3 km) from the Piesok location to the south around Tisové rocks.

Yew rocks

tisove skaly.jpg

Below Veľka Homoľa, just a hop away from Zochová cottage, there is a charming rock kingdom - the so-called Yew rocks. It is a natural monument that will surely attract the attention of many tourists. In addition to the various rock formations, you can also admire the beautiful nature here and enjoy undisturbed silence.


Yew rocks are interesting mainly because of their fragmentation. They consist of three separate parts of the rock ridge and thus create very charming and photogenic places. These quartzite rocks, which were formed during Tertiary folding, represent an important example of the genesis of the Lesser Carpathians. The name of the rocks was derived from the yew tree that used to grow here, but today it would be very difficult to find it here.


Yew rocks are easily accessible. We really recommend their visit to everyone. They are located directly on the blue tourist sign leading from Zochova cottage through Zámčisko to Harmonia.

on the tracks of
mountain people


Do you like nature, fresh air and exploring at the same time? Come with us for a walk to Zoch's cottage. In addition to walking in the beautiful surroundings of the most popular resort of the Lesser Carpathians, we will learn who the mountain people nicknamed the Huncokári were. Will you learn how they lived, what they did for a living, what they believed and how they had fun?


The circuit is about 9 km long and takes about 2.5-3 hours. The terrain is undemanding, both asphalt and forest road. Suddenly, in front of the entrance to the hotel is Zoch's cottage.  Possibility of refreshments in the Furmanská pub, the Huncokár guesthouse or the Zochova chata hotel


There is a bus from BA to Zoch's cottage, and the journey by bus takes an hour. 

Chmeľok - 709 mASL


Čmeľok hill is one of the Lesser Carpathian Seven Hundred. It overlooks the Pezinská Baba mountain pass and the picturesque Zahora village of Pernek. The peak does not stand out for its enormous elevations, but it offers a really varied hike, which is mainly characterized by a steep climb.


The deforested slope directly and the top of Čmeľka offer limited but very nice views of the surroundings. The Vysoká and Vápenná hill will certainly not escape the attentive eye. There is an old military transmitter at the top of Čmeľek and a radar a little lower.


Due to the steep climb, this is a moderately difficult hike. The easiest way to get here is from Pezinská Baba (approx. 1.5 km) or from the village of Pernek (approx. 4 km). The area is also characterized by numerous mountain animals, so you can come across wild boars or mouflons while wandering.

Pezinská Baba ski resort


Not far from Pezinok is the popular Pezinská Baba ski resort. The resort is located in a rugged environment on the Little Carpathian ridge at an altitude of 527 m.a.s.l. The center has five lifts in operation on three downhill tracks of 500 m, 700 m and 1000 m in length.


Beginners, children as well as advanced players will enjoy themselves here. The track surface is regularly maintained and covered with technical snow. The center also offers the possibility of evening skiing on a 500 m track. For cross-country skiing enthusiasts, there are cross-country trails of varying difficulty.


Visitors can use the services of a rental shop, ski service, ski and snowboard school or cross-country skiing lessons. There is also a buffet or a restaurant with a rich selection of hot food and drinks.


Free parking lots with a capacity of 400 parking spaces are available upon arrival.

Vysoká hiLL
754 masl


The second highest Malocarpathian seven-hundred mountain is called Vysoká. It is located above the village of Kuchyňa, proudly standing out over the vast surroundings and sharply contrasting with the neighboring hills. The characteristic features of the Vysoká hill are steep slopes with typical rock walls, through which grassy vegetation peeks out here and there.


The peak offers extensive and impressive views of the Lesser Carpathian relief, Tribeč, Považský Inovec and the Danube Hills, which will become an unforgettable experience for many a tourist.


Two marked hiking trails lead to Vysoká Hill. According to your own discretion and condition, you can choose a shorter route along the blue sign from the village of Kuchyňa, or the exit from the east side along the red sign.


Even recreational tourists can climb Vysoká hill, only the last ascent meters will require a little more strength. Anyway, whether you follow the blue or red mark, the ascent to the top will take approximately 2-3 hours.


Just a short distance below the top of Vysoka there is also a smaller symbolic cemetery. Pinned tables on the summit rock remind many enthusiasts and lovers of nature, mountains and tourism.

Water reservoir Piesok

reservoir Piesok


Just a hop away from the cabin is the revitalized Piesok water reservoir, suitable for swimming during the summer months and for hardening/skating in the winter. The surroundings of the reservoir are picturesque, also suitable for walks. Zochova Chata Buffet is located near the reservoir.


Cross-country skiing


A cross-country trail in two circuits begins a few meters from the cottage. The total length of the circuits is approx. 17.5 km. It depends on the season and snow conditions. More up-to-date information can always be found at:

Small Carpathian challenge


Accept the sporting challenge and swing over the ridge of the Little Carpathians to Záhorie. The route runs almost the entire length along a paved road, except for a short section leading to Čermáková lúka. The circuit starts and ends in Modra. The route has a total length of 39 km and is suitable for trekking bikes.

By bike to red stone castle

bike cerv kamen.jpg

This easy cycle route will take you from Zochová chat to the beautiful Červený kamen castle above the village of Častá. The route Zochova chata – Tri kopce – Kukla – Pila – Červený Kameň – Pila – Papiernička – Vyvieračka – Komárka – Zochová chata measures less than 12 km.

Pump track at Zochová Chata


The pump track is great for most wheeled sports – bicycles, scooters, skateboards or roller skates. The track is custom-made so that everyone can handle it. Beginners or intermediate riders can practice stability and technique. But even professional riders can really go crazy here. At the end of the day, it's mainly about fun associated with sports, with which you can move all your bones and work on your fitness.

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