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tips for ACTIVITIES AROUND THE Biela chata

Red Stone Castle


If you are looking for a great tip for a one-day trip near Bratislava, go to Červený Kameň Castle. Families with children will also appreciate the pleasant forest environment and the attractive program.


Červený Kameň Castle rises above the village of Častá, just a short distance from Modra. It is surrounded by the beauty of the southeastern Small Carpathians.


Červený Kameň Castle is considered one of the unique pieces of Central European architecture. Its origins date back to 1240. It was part of a system of guard castles in the western part of Hungary.


Among the important owners of the Červený Kameň castle are families such as the Turz family, the Fugger family and the Pálffi family. It was during the time of the Pálffi family that the fortress was transformed into a magnificent Renaissance residence, the premises of which were furnished with artistically advanced furniture.


The entire castle was opened to the public only in 1997. In its premises there is a museum, which specializes in the development of the housing culture of the nobility and middle class in Slovakia.


Visitors have the opportunity to choose from four tour circuits with different focus and length - from 45 to 75 minutes.


Red Stone Castle is open all year round, but you will experience the most varied program there mainly during the summer months. Then, under the light of the moon and candles, the castle in the Little Carpathians returns to the period of the 16th-20th centuries, when it was inhabited by the gentler halves of the Pálffi family.


The courtyard of the castle is nicely landscaped and in the middle there is a small park with a fountain. Falconers are a typical attraction at Červený Kameň Castle. Here you can stop by and take a photo with the predator for a small fee.

Pezinok Castle


The Pezinok Castle is a historical and architectural jewel of the wine town of Pezinok. It is interesting that the Pezinok Castle is often referred to as the "Water Castle" because it was once surrounded by two moats.


It is already obvious at a glance that the castle is a dominant feature that completes the color of historic Pezinok. It was built in the 13th century and was home to influential Pezina counts.


In the 19th century, the defensive character of the castle was suppressed and an English park with rare trees was planted in its surroundings.


Later, it was taken over by the Slovak winegrowing cooperative. Štefan, from the Šimákov family, built a winery, a hotel and exhibitions of wine, glass and the Pálffy family here. It is interesting that the castle also housed the recording studio of Opus, where many well-known hits by the group Modus and Miro Žbirka were created.


The castle offers organized tours with various exhibitions or a gallery. You can also see the period cellars with barrels and the exhibition of the National Wine Salon. The castle is easily accessible and is located close to the city center.


Families with children will definitely appreciate the renovated castle park, where they can find rest and relaxation in a wonderful environment with a lake with wild ducks and free-running peacocks.

Smolenice castle


Another wonderful Slovak attraction is the Smolenický castle, which is located above the village of Smolenice. It is the property of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and only certain parts (gardens, courtyard, and reserved rooms) are accessible to the public. This castle is less than 30 km away by car from Hotel Zochova Chata.

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